Jeavons Landscape Architects and @leisure offer a suite of services in landscape architecture, play area design, and in leisure, open space and sports facilities planning.

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Our firm was previously known as Mary Jeavons Landscape Architects. Please follow the link to our new website.

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Jeavons Landscape Architects

Creating landscape experiences that stimulate, educate & evoke the senses.

Jeavons Landscape Architects is an award winning, landscape architectural practice, known for our high quality, detailed and customised landscape design - especially in natural environments, parks, children’s spaces, sensory gardens and other sites in the public domain.

We work in urban and rural settings all over Australia and our designs respond to the people, landscapes, environments and circumstances to create thoughtful, unique outcomes for every project.
We have more than 25 years experience in our field and have well developed skills working with numerous community groups and individuals on important, unique and complex projects.
Our clients include the early childhood sector, schools, local and state government authorities, health and aged care facilities and community groups. We collaborate with architects and other designers on projects of all sizes.

Jeavons Landscape Architects: Mary Jeavons heads up our playground and landscape design service team. Mary is an award-winning registered Landscape Architect, with more than twenty years experience in playground planning and design, an accredited access consultant, and a qualified safety inspector in the EN and ASTM standards.

Formerly known as Mary Jeavons Landscape Architects, we changed our trading name to Jeavons Landscape Architects in April 2011.

Jeavons Landscape Architects offer a wide range of services to our clients, who include local government, state departments & government authorities, committees of management, private individuals & businesses, corporations, clubs and associations, churches, charitable organisations, schools, early childhood centres, architects and designers, amongst others.

Our work is underpinned by a strong philosophy and we have a great team of experienced and well qualified staff. For our latest news or to comment please visit our blog.

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Landscape Architectural Services
Innovative, intuitive & integrated design solutions, customised to meet the project requirements. Services are tailored to the appropriate scale for the project, whether the client needs a broad brush strategic document or the finer details of a highly resolved design.

Landscape Architecture in the Public Domain
Fresh, considered and bespoke landscape design, from plan to realisation.
Master plans, concept designs and detailed documentation for accurate costing and construction; tendering and contract administration.
Design for Children

Acknowledging children in the public domain, as well as design of local, district and regional public play spaces, schools and early childhood centres.

Risk and Safety Standards
Applying our expertise in Safety Standards to public landscape and play space designs.

Broad scale Landscape Planning
Play Space Strategies for entire Municipalities; master plans, policies, feasibility studies and reports.

Accessible design
Fully integrated accessible and inclusive landscapes and play environments.

Working with Natural Environments
Horticulture/ Planting designs, sensory gardens, ecological restoration, Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Education & Learning Environments
Drawing on the research of learning specialists, current theories and best practice in education and child development, and on advice from therapists, teachers, play specialists, and other practitioners. We aim for the outdoor environment to indeed become the ‘third teacher'.

Consultation and Collaboration
Consulting communities and collaborating with artists and professionals.

Design for Sport and Recreation
Working with @leisure planners designing integrated landscape solutions for sports precincts, open space, BMX and skate facilities and whole park master plans.

Servicing Remote and Rural Communities
Based in Melbourne Victoria, we provide landscape architectural services all over Australia.


Our fresh, considered and bespoke landscape design philosophy takes projects from plan to realisation.

A strong philosophical framework underpins our innovative, intuitive & integrated design solutions:

Evoke the senses
People need access to rich and complex physical, natural, sensory and social environments

The story
A broad context underlies every project; we seek to understand the planning frameworks, the physical landscape, the movement of water and wind, the soils,  the historic background, the regulations, the microclimate, the social setting, the patterns of behaviour, and the physical connections that link any project to a broader community

Nature and the environment
For their well being, people need access to diverse, sustainable natural settings. Designs need to be environmentally sustainable for the health of the planet on which we all depend

Access and inclusion
Social inclusion and physical access for people of all ages and abilities are a priority in our designs

Play has a critical role of in child development and outside play in nature has special significance

Our thoughtful approach to risk and safety enables children of all ages and abilities to develop skills in handling risk and challenge, as a strategy in injury prevention and child development

Diverse recreation and play opportunities in residential and natural environments

Jeavons Landscape Architects Team

Mary Jeavons, Director
BAppSc (Ecology/Geography) Canberra College of Advanced Education
MLArch, University of Melbourne Fellow, Registered Landscape Architect & Fellow, FAILA

Member of:    Play Australia (Life), Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA), International Play Association (IPA), Assoc. of Consultants in Access, Australia (ACAA), Australian Standard Committee on Playground Safety

Mary Jeavons continues to provide leadership within the firm. She is experienced in the planning and design of children’s spaces of all kinds and those which are accessible to children and adults with disabilities.  Mary has carried out important research and advocacy in the field and has written published and spoken widely in forums in Australia and overseas.  She has a particular niche in strategic planning for open space, parks and play areas for local government and developers, Australia wide.

Bruce Grillmeier, Associate
B IndDes, The University of Newcastle

Bruce is responsible for practice management and also has a design and project management role. 

Bruce has 18 years experience in the industry and is highly skilled in managing both small and large scale projects from concept through to construction. He enjoys working with client groups, committees and other professions to develop ideas into workable concepts and applies his technical expertise and knowledge of standards to resolve complex issues with a practical approach.

Zoë Metherell, Associate
BAppSc Landscape Architecture (Hons), RMIT University
MEnv, University of Melbourne
Registered Landscape Architect, AILA
Member of Ecological Society of Australia (ESA)

Zoë is responsible for practice management and is also a highly experienced landscape architect with an active role managing projects from concept to completion. Her work includes landscape masterplanning and design of major projects, public open space, community facilities and sensory & educational environments. Zoe’s professional interests include environmental sustainability and ecology. She also enjoys consultation, teaching and advocacy and has presented at forums in Australia & overseas. 

Sue Godfrey, Senior Landscape Architect
DipEd, Monash University
BSc, University of Melbourne
MLArch, University of Melbourne
GradDipHort, Burnley, V.C.A.H.                     
Registered Landscape Architect, AILA

Sue has a background in education, horticulture and science that enrich her practice of landscape architecture.   She particularly enjoys designing interactive environments in special schools for adults and children with disabilities.  Extensive community consultation has also formed an integral part of many design projects.  A passionate gardener and lover of nature, Sue aims to extend the opportunity to appreciate natural forms and elements in her design work.

Leong Khoo, Senior Landscape Architect
BApp Sc (Landscape Architecture), RMIT University

Leong Khoo is proficient in the day to day management of projects and undertakes a wide range of design and administrative work.  He has designed small pocket parks, regional play spaces, masterplans, traffic design layouts and site assessment plans.  Leong also has excellent skills in preparing illustrations for public presentations.  Leong’s notable works includes Bicentennial Park Regional Playground in Chelsea and Sovereign Hill Post Office Pond Masterplan.

Anne Fowler, Senior Landscape Architect
AssocDip App. Sci (Horticulture) Burnley College, University of Melbourne
BA (Fine Art) RMIT University
MLArch University of Melbourne
Registered Landscape Architect, AILA

Anne is a landscape architect and horticulturist. She has a particular fascination in the interaction between people and landscape and in artful planting design that explores colour, texture and form.

Highly experienced in all aspects of landscape architecture practice, from consultation to project management, Anne’s experience has included schools, kindergartens and early childhood centres, parks, trails, linear reserves and streetscape design.

Sulochi Walisinghe, Landscape Architect
BDesign (Landscape Architecture), RMIT University

Sulochi has a refined and imaginative approach to design and in her first year at Jeavons she was awarded AILA Graduate Landscape Architect. She has experience in design and documentation on a wide range of projects including primary schools, early learning centres and council master plans.

Sulochi uses her skill in 3 dimensional thinking to great effect, illustrating the intent of her designs. She is experienced in client consultation and working with contractors to ensure high quality built outcomes.

Chris Greber, Landscape Architect
BLArch, University of Melbourne

Chris Greber has continued to expand and develop his skills at Jeavons by working on a range of projects ranging from detailed documentation, landscape design, large scale master plans, BMX tracks, signage design, and developing visual maps. Chris is experienced in graphic communication and design using Adobe Photoshop, CAD software and drawing by hand and has a keen interest in skate and BMX design. Chris plays guitar in a metal band and still manages to keep his day job running efficiently and effectively.   


Gary Warren,  Landscape draftsperson
CertIV Hort. (Landscape) University of Melbourne, (Burnley)
CertIV App. Design (Landscape) NMIT Fairfield
AssocDegreeEnvHort, University of Melbourne (current)

Gary is passionate about the environment and how the principles of sustainability can be incorporated into landscape design and construction practices. As a horticulturist he is passionate about plants and how people relate to them within the landscape. He is particularly interested in the sensory qualities of plants and how they can be used to enhance the enjoyment of a place from a relaxation and therapeutic perspective.

Richard Veith, Design draftsperson
BPD, University of Melbourne

Richard has over 10 years experience in the field of architectural design and drafting as well as set design for film and video production. He is highly skilled in 2D and 3D drafting, and has brought this experience to various projects at Jeavons whilst honing his skills in landscape documentation and has a strong interest in the effective resolution of space in children’s environments.

Lisa Abate,  Business Administration Manager
AdvDip Accounting

Lisa has worked in customer service for over 20 years, in industries as wide ranging as  manufacturing, tertiary education and retail. Her personal interest in gardens attracted her initially to Jeavons Landscape Architects, where she has provided administrative support to staff and clients for some years.

Lisa is trained in MYOB, bookkeeping and business administration. She manages Jeavons accounts and  financial affairs, invoicing, reporting and client liaison. 

Sarah Pryor, Landscape Architect
BHort University of Melbourne (Burnley)
MLArch University of Melbourne

Sarah Pryor is a qualified horticulturalist and landscape architect with experience in design and documentation of a range of projects including parks, gardens, schools and early childhood centres. She has a particular interest in the interactions children have with their outdoor environment, specifically the relationships that children have with vegetation.

Sarah is currently on Maternity Leave looking after her beautiful baby - Madeleine. We hope to welcome her back soon!


Jeavons Landscape Architects work across a broad spectrum of project areas within the field of Landscape Architecture. 

Our services are in areas ranging from strategic and master planning, design in public places and community spaces, environmental projects, early childhood centres, education and therapeutic settings, detailed landscape designs, and play spaces of all sizes for all abilities. Our projects include a number of unique sites.

Please use the drop down menu to navigate through our projects.

Unique Sites

Jeavons Landscape Architects has successfully created a series of unique, site sensitive designs in iconic places.

Unearthing the unique qualities of very special places, we address the diverse needs of users, producing professional, high quality documentation for fundraising, consultation and construction.

Eureka Stockade Playground, Ballarat Victoria

Growing Wild -Early Childhood Precinct at Melbourne Zoo
This important interactive early childhood precinct, designed on play principles, allows children to immerse themselves in the habitats of animals including meerkats, invertebrates, tortoises and other ground dwelling creatures. Leading the design team, Jeavons Landscape Architects are collaborating with Arterial Design and Clarke Hopkins Clarke Architects.


Tidal River Public Open Space - Wilsons Promontory National Park
Wilsons Promontory is an iconic place for many Victorians and the central recreation space is the focal point for day visitors, campers, bushwalkers and interpretation. The Jeavons design embodies the unique natural features of the Prom and reflects the significance of this place in a playful, social gathering place.


The Albury Botanic Gardens Children’s Garden
Jeavons have worked with the ABG, Albury City Council and the local community to create a unique children’s corner of the gardens where trolls and fairies cohabit with dinosaurs and giant bamboo. Children and local residents have worked with artist James Cattell to create artworks and source huge local tree stumps for this ongoing project.

Community & Environment

Through a range of processes, Jeavons engage and collaborate with children, adults, artists and others to create living environments that become focal points in local communities. Our projects include the outdoor environments of public buildings, churches, libraries and children’s services hubs and natural environments including trails, parkland systems and waterways.

Ardeer planting and art
Community Facilities – Eltham Library & Springvale Services Hub

Eltham Library Courtyard provides an amphitheatre space into the side of a very steep site. This beautifully executed space was designed for Gregory Burgess Architects and Nillumbik Council to complement their heritage-listed library building. Rainwater is revealed through integrated sculptural elements crafted by Nicholas Dunand.

Springvale Integrated Services Hub is one of the first community centres of its kind in Victoria, providing child care, community meeting rooms, a toy library and child health and assessment rooms. Our landscape design includes age appropriate play areas for children’s services plus entry & car parking spaces.

Ardeer Community Park & Playground
This award winning project exemplifies how community processes can be critical to design success.  Jeavons interpreted the community’s vision for a vibrant park on a previously contaminated site in one of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged areas. We collaborated with a group of extraordinary local people who raised over $600k in funding, secured council support and assisted with construction. Jeavons were also engaged to prepare a design guide recording the entire project in order to assist other communities to achieve their vision and learn from this project. 

Clifton Hill Railway Project - Ecological Restoration
Jeavons’ design restored locally indigenous flora to the Merri Creek valley following duplication of the rail bridge at Clifton Hill. This complex project exemplifies our approach to environmental restoration. Based on scientific research by the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology, this design sought to recreate communities of similar species composition and structure.

Our landscape design addressed local council and Melbourne Water requirements; functional and amenity considerations such as pedestrian and cycle routes, viewpoints, safety & sightlines; as well as maintenance requirements. WSUD components were integrated into the tight valley landscape to reveal the flow of stormwater into the creek.

Strategic Planning

Our planning perspective helps clients to maximise the long term social and physical value presented by every site.

We work with local and state government, developers, schools and land managers on strategic and master planning, focusing especially on parks and public open space.

Broad-scale Strategic Plans and Site Master Plans

Strategic developments such as the Greenlink project in Frankston which established ecological, design, artistic, play and recreation links, setting a framework for more detailed design.
Master plans for whole parks, sites and regions, school grounds or distinctprecincts, addressing landscape, amenity and circulation, play and recreation, planting, and specialist issues such as bike paths, revegetation, and animal management.
Examples include a master plan for a lake side recreation space at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat  where school and family groups take a break within a heritage setting; and Elsternwick Park where Jeavons worked with @leisure planners on a master plan addressing the issues of children’s play, recreation and dog on and off leash zones

Play Space Strategies

Jeavons have an unmatched core of expertise in strategic thinking on open space and play space development, promoting a vision for children, youth and families while remaining pragmatic and cost effective.

We mesh quality play space provision and decision making at a policy level, with the practicalities of asset management, budgeting, maintenance, replacement and procurement.

Recent examples include:
Playspace Development Strategy for the City of Kingston,
A strategy for the ACT government on Accessible and Inclusive Play opportunities
Playspace Development Strategy for City of Darebin that also addressed  play facilities across early childhood centres managed by Council

Public Landscapes

Design Approach Jeavons designs aim to maximise the aesthetic qualities of every space and have an underlying functionality, reflecting the importance of physical and social access, fitness for purpose, practicality of maintenance and environmental sustainability.

Over a diverse range of public landscapes with distinct site conditions we address users’ requirements, the site conditions and cultural, social and other influences. We incorporate visual assessment, WSUD/ecological design, play, recreation and heritage issues into our scope of works.

Design stages
Through master planning and schematic design stages, while engaging with diverse communities, we resolve management, technical and user issues into coherent designs for budgeting and implementation.

Our quality documentation drawings ensure that the projects can be costed accurately, tendered and constructed without confusion and to a high standard.

We frequently work with a wide range of other professionals including recreation planners architects, artists, engineers, planners, ecologists, quantity surveyors and cultural advisors in collaborative teams.


Resolution of Complex site Issues
The Clifton Hill Railway line duplication project is an example of where the landscape architecture brief was extensive, and involved the restoration of the indigenous creek vegetation and environment, design of a complex
intersection on the capital city bike path up a steep slope, advocacy for creation of new public open spaces, design of a small park under the bridge, accessible pedestrian crossings over the lines, and co-ordination and consultation with authorities, two local councils and a diverse local community.
At the Caulfield Race Course, the Melbourne Racing Club brief requires @ leisure planners and Jeavons Landscape Architects to resolve complex multi layered functional issues in a space also used by the public on non race days.

Early Learning
Jeavons Landscape Architects have developed a core of expertise in the design of outdoor play spaces for early childhood centres of every kind- including child care centres, kindergartens and pre-schools, early intervention and early learning centres, children’s hubs and occasional care in both the public and private sectors.
We work on small upgrades of individual play spaces as well as whole new centres. Our designs aim to offer complex, sensory, beautiful, age appropriate play environments that above all encourage children to engage with the natural world.

Natural Approach
Our team has benefited from the influence of many leaders in the early childhood field, both in Australia and overseas who are passionate about the importance of outdoor play, and we continue to develop our thinking through observation, professional development and research.
We enjoy working with centres with diverse education and teaching philosophies including the Montessori system, Steiner and Reggio Emilia; for churches, councils and hospitals, and are heavily influenced by research demonstrating the importance of nature to children.


A Rich Palette for Play and Learning
Our designs have a solid theoretical grounding and aim to provide a rich palette for staff to work with children, encouraging them to develop in the physical, sensory and social world; develop their creativity and imagination; encounter and deal with graded challenges; and explore and engage with their natural world in adaptable settings that change with the seasons.

We incorporate artworks, planting and natural elements into all of our work, creating a choice of spaces ranging from tiny intimate nooks to larger open areas.

Jeavons Approach to Early Childhood Environments
We have many years’ experience in solving the technical problems behind the scenes, resolving difficult levels, disabled access, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimising conflicts. We incorporate sustainable, appealing materials, textures and sensory qualities into highly functional integrated designs.


Landscape architecture in educational settings
Jeavons Landscape Architects have enjoyed many years experience working in education settings of every kind, in urban and regional areas.  Our clients include Primary, Secondary and Adult campuses; special schools; and State, Catholic and Independent schools, some with early learning programs. We frequently prepare landscape master plans and detailed designs for existing schools, to upgrade the quality and function of the outdoor areas or repair the grounds following new building works.
We work with architects or directly with the client to plan and design campuses on green field sites.

Our approach to school grounds
School grounds need to be multi-purpose environments which must work well for students, staff and families; for teaching and learning, sport, outdoor play, social activities and gathering spaces, and interaction with the wider community.
Jeavons Landscape Architects are strong advocates for the needs of children and the importance of play out of doors in schools. We believe in the importance of maximizing the accessibility of school grounds and play opportunities for children, staff and family members who have disabilities.

We take a lot of care with site design to avoid conflicts and safety problems, especially in crowded schools.

Play opportunities

We aim to design the following into our projects:
Hardcourts and ovals sufficient to accommodate the sporting needs of the school community and of children of all ages

A range of play equipment providing different heights and challenges for each age group
Settings for social interaction, such as seats and tables, gathering spaces, quiet/small-group areas, cubbies etc
Imaginative/role play settings to stimulate the child's imagination beyond one fixed idea
Sand and other materials for creative play
Natural/wild spaces where children can learn, explore and interact with natural materials, and adapt spaces for their own games
Sensory qualities designed into all of the grounds to make a place memorable and interesting
Seamless circulation throughout the site

Design process

We tailor our work to meet the particular needs of each school and their budget. This typically involves:
Consultation with students, staff and parents
Observations, analysis, reports
Preparation of a master plan for the whole grounds, or a concept plan for particular spaces (as required)
Development of concept designs into full technical drawings and specifications to go to tender, if required
Full contract administration during construction, if required

Special Schools & Sensory Gardens

School grounds, master plans, landscape design
Jeavons Landscape Architects are known for our high quality work in special schools and special developmental schools, and for the design of sensory gardens, accessible and inclusive spaces, therapeutic environments, and outdoor areas in residential units and aged care.
The scope of our work ranges from site planning and master plans for new schools and whole sites, as well as redevelopments and upgrades of existing school grounds, specific spaces, play areas and sensory gardens.
Our design solutions engage children with a range of physical and intellectual abilities, individual special needs, varying social skills and levels of sensory integration, including children on the autism spectrum.

Special schools

Jeavons Landscape Architects enjoy working with special school clients, where we have developed unique and playful but purposeful outdoor settings with multiple goals. These projects involve the creation of:

Sensory Gardens

These spaces are purposefully designed to heighten the sensory experiences of children and adults. We work with therapists and other staff to create artistic and beautiful spaces with texture, colours, scent and sounds, but also spatial variety, thermal properties and movement. We aim to engage children in a playful way that builds on their strengths and provides staff with a setting that aids communication, learning and the development of social skills.

Integrated Design & Masterplanning

Jeavons Landscape Architects have collaborated with teachers and architects on many special school developments, including projects on greenfields sites as well as BER projects, redevelopments and upgrades, in rural and urban schools.
Our involvement in the early stages of site planning establishes the optimum relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, for circulation, for play and for learning. Refer to the Education page for more information on our approach to design in educational settings and the design process.

Public Parks & Playspaces

Jeavons Landscape Architects design unique, fun and inclusive play spaces of all sizes and budgets in parks all over Australia.
Our thoughtful designs integrate planting, paths, furniture, and changes of level and aim to optimise the long term play and social benefits to communities. We work with local government, developers, and a wide range of agencies, and enjoy consulting communities about play and recreation in their local environment.
We have an excellent working knowledge of contemporary play equipment, spaces, planting and other elements that work for all ages while providing a high level of access and amenity.  We have developed a sophisticated understanding of safety issues and Standards, and of the benefits of risky play while minimising injury.

Local & Neighbourhood Playspaces
These important play environments cater for everyday social activities, play and recreation for whole families in local neighbourhoods. 

Our designs consider the whole park as a play setting. Open areas, paths and vegetation are balanced with multi-purpose play activities, equipment, and natural and artistic elements as required, to suit age groups, budgets and the client’s needs. 

District and regional play spaces
These major projects are designed as destinations and often attract large numbers of visitors of all ages and abilities.
Our designs integrate art works, planting, a high degree of sensory stimulation and seamless circulation, and provide a good balance between restful, relaxing areas with challenging activities that excite and stimulate.

All - abilities, contemporary design
Our designs are multi layered and seek to engage children over time, providing choices of physical activity, challenge, creativity, imagination and social activities for all ages and abilities while retaining natural, artistic and interactive characteristics. 
Our staff have pioneered the design of accessible inclusive play spaces that welcome and stimulate children and adults with disabilities in public play spaces of all kinds, as well as special schools and all other schools and early childhood projects.


Leisure, Sport and Play is our business

We design playgrounds and recreation facilities.
We write plans about play, leisure and sport.
We specialise in designing for people with a disability.

We plan and design:
sporting facilities
open space
policies and strategies
children's environments

We can advise about:
what communities need
what to build and where
how to make facilities viable

We have specific expertise in:
skate and BMX parks
sports development
people with a disability
new residential developments

Our valued clients have included:
local and state governments
sports clubs and associations
property developers

@leisure: Sally Jeavons leads our team of sport, recreation, leisure and open space strategy consultants. Sally has a strong background as a sports participant, has managed local government recreation departments, and has a special interest in accessibility issues. She has twenty-four years experience as a recreation planner.

Our clients are:
schools and early childhood centres
local, state and federal governments
public and private enterprises all over Australia.

Values & Missions

We provide creative, well researched and practical solutions to issues concerning leisure, sport and tourism.

We strive to maintain a high standard of work which reflects:

a strong understanding of leisure and market behaviour
current business practices and quality principles, and
the dedication, commitment and pleasure staff have in their work.
We aim to contribute to the knowledge and development of the leisure industry, and our direct clients.
We aim to deliver projects that satisfy the client's brief, are on time, within budget and are seen as good value, every time.


PLA Frank Stewart Award
Sally Jeavons was awarded highest award for excellence and recognition bestowed by Parks and Leisure Australia. It is provided to an individual who has provided exceptional service and made a significant contribution to the development, promotion and advocacy of the Parks and Leisure Industry of Australia, over an extensive period of time.   

Victorian AILA (Australian Institute Landscape Architects) Fellow
Mary Jeavons appointed a fellow to AlLA in 2009 in recognition for her contribution to the industry for designing play environments for children

Victorian AILA (Australian Institute Landscape Architects)
President's Award for Playground Design 2009
Project: Stud Park Playground, Rowville, Vic

Parks and Leisure Australia / PRAV Play Space Awards for Excellence 2009
Jeavons Landscape Architects
Project: Stud Park Playground, Rowville, Vic
Knox City Council and Mary Jeavons Landscape Architects

Track Record

What people say about us

"We were very impressed, and found you very helpful with the development of the strategic plan. Having had strategic plans previously this is the first one we found with solid structure, process and guidance. The plan provided a roadmap for the sport that allowed us to achieve everything we set ourselves. It started us on the road to develop a new structure of governance and eventually led to a new home based the North Melbourne football club facilities on Arden Street. Without the work @leisure began with us, this would not have happened."
Peter Osvarth, Victorian Amateur Fencing Association (Strategy Plan 2005 - 2007)
"All in all, I thought it was wonderful. Many kind regards to all for your hard work. We are always happy to be involved with you guys - as you certainly know what you're doing!"
Simone Nairn, Varsity Gymnastics & AAK Inc (Gymnastic Business Plan)
"I want to compliment Sally Jeavons and @leisure consulting on the excellent strategic recreational planning service which you provide. The reports you have prepared for Southern Grampians Shire Council including a Hockey Feasibility Study, Aquatics Strategy and Tennis Strategy have been 1st class and the community consultation processes and industry experience Sally and her team bring to the table are extremely valuable. It was certainly worth contracting @leisure who enabled our Council to sort through complex problems and to find appropriate solutions. As a result, Southern Grampians Shire Council is now well equipped to tackle the multiple challenges, which face the Council. I would recommend Sally and @leisure to others who are seeking someone who really understands the complex issues which confront communities both short term and long term."
Craig Halley, Leisure Services Coordinator, Southern Grampians Shire Council (Aquatic Facility Development Strategy, Hamilton Hockey Feasibility, Tennis Development Strategy and Patterson Park Master Plan)
"Thank you for your response and assistance - Ice Skating Victoria (Figure Skating) really appreciates your continued commitment to Bendigo and the participants of the ice sports in the region. From an Ice Sports Victoria perspective, I know we have come to see you as a vital resource and your professionalism and involvement is highly regarded. Please accept my personal thanks."
Julie-Anne Oaten, President, Ice Skating Victoria (Ice Sports Strategic Plan and Bendigo Ice Sports Strategic Plan)
"It has been terrific working on this project with you guys, I have really enjoyed it and your pleasant customer service towards Council has really been noted. I sincerely thank you."
Troy Scoble, Recreation Development Coordinator, Moorabool Shire Council (Bacchus Marsh Racecourse Reserve Master Plan)
"@leisure conducted all the necessary planning for the Regional Tennis Centre in Launceston. @leisure's wealth of experience and skills was invaluable to the project and has led to success in developing the proposal and sorting through the myriad of issues related to project of this nature. I cannot thank @leisure enough for guidance and professional services and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone else seeking a similar positive solution to their recreation or leisure planning project."
Linton Kerber, Former Consultant, Sport and Recreation Tasmania (Launceston Regional Tennis Centre Feasibility)
"The Badminton Victoria Strategic Plan looks good, is well put together and hits the mark and you are to be commended on your comprehensiveness and thoroughness."
Paul Brettell, CEO Badminton Australia (Badminton Victoria Strategic Plan)
"Many thanks for your work on these projects. As always, they have been of a very high standard."
Lee Robson, Team Leader-Recreation Planning, Mornington Peninsula Shire (Skate Strategy, Active Sports Plan and Tennis Development Plan)
"All in all a great read."
Mark Dornau, Manager Environmental Services, City of Yarra (People and Their Pets: Animal Management Strategy)
"I am most impressed with the thought given to animal owners and the proposed sites for off-lead walking of dogs. I hope this draft strategy comes to fruition."
Resident, City of Yarra (People and Their Pets: Animal Management Strategy)
"The final reports went to Council last week and the feedback from Councillors has been excellent. People are very impressed with the report and how smoothly this project has progressed. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and appreciated your professional approach. Meetings were always handled with due care and you have helped make my job an enjoyable and satisfying one."
Liz Wood, Senior Project Officer, City of Greater Geelong (Eastern Park and Geelong Botanical Gardens Master Plan, in conjunction with Hansen Partnership)
"Thanks again for all your hard work, patience, co-operation and good working relationship. It has been a pleasure to do business with all the staff at @leisure."
Lew Wilson, Recreation Development Officer, South Gippsland Shire Council (Open Space Plan and Recreation Strategy)
"The report provided by @leisure was excellent, as was the consultation process undertaken. It was the best report I have read in my 10-years as a Councillor."
Councillor Ian Beales, Murrindindi Shire Council (Sports Reserves Master Plans)
"The Smiths Beachcomber Association wishes to congratulate the Bass Coast Shire Council and its officers for commissioning this well-researched, far-reaching and comprehensive report. It recommends guidelines for the future provision of functional open space throughout the municipality"
Ian Shand, Smiths Beachcomber Association, Bass Coast Shire (Open Space Strategy)
"There is an understanding that if you don't have a playground that has some involvement from the Jeavons sisters, it is not legitimately accessible"
David Gray, Open Space Co-ordinator, City of Frankston
"As a small rural local government area, @leisure have provided the highest quality of service to us. Their expertise in consulting with small communities and the larger residential pockets of our municipality has ensured that all voices are heard and has moved Council in the right direction to assist our communities to strengthen and develop. They have a commitment to delivering quality reports in line with industry standards and have assisted us in the development of aquatic facility technical reports, playground strategies and Recreation Plans. @leisure have a dedicated in house team of staff that make it a pleasure to work with in person, over the phone and via the internet. Their ability to rely on their professional networks to assist in the development of technical plans and reports has meant that we have received high quality and personal attention from all of the @leisure staff."
Ros Young (Former) Recreation Officer, Shire of Murrindindi (Recreation Reserves and Play Strategy)
"@leisure were required to complete the project in an extremely short time frame, placing pressure on the end product. They were able to complete the project in a professional manner, on time and involve the community in a manner that is the best I have seen in 23 years of local government."
Jenny Churchill, Co-ordinator Arts & Leisure, Bass Coast Shire Council (Skate and BMX Strategy, Open Space Strategy and Recreation Plan)
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Jeavons & Jeavons provides our public and private sector clients with the combined skills and experience of two consultancies. We focus on leisure, play, recreation, sport and access issues, servicing local government, schools, voluntary agencies, semi-government bodies pre-schools, and small businesses.

Advice and recommendations from @leisure and MJLA will always be based on solid experience, informed by years of work in the field and ongoing development of our ideas.

Our thorough and up to date knowledge of the theoretical underpinnings of good decision-making in playgrounds, sport, recreation and leisure planning gives us a competitive advantage.

No other company offers such a depth of experience in the fields of leisure planning and management, and playground planning/design.

We offer clients a wide of range of skills needed to undertake projects efficiently, while providing the depth of knowledge necessary to ensure outcomes are practical to implement. By addressing the needs of key stakeholders and a wide range of user groups with specific needs, we ensure that projects succeed on the ground.

Our skill base encompasses

service planning and needs assessments
facility design, planning and development
policy and strategy development
professional development and in-house training for playgrounds, school grounds, leisure, culture, sports and open space
We manage projects from policy development to implementation, from an idea to its conception, and from design to construction. We ensure that projects stand up well in the long term.

We strive to remain leaders in our field and maintain an advocacy role and professional development by providing our own series of ongoing seminars.

Playground Planning and Design

MJLA specialises in the design of quality children's environments of all kinds. Our work is always tailored to meet the specific needs of the particular local community or client group and every project is unique.

MJLA playground designs often incorporate custom designed play structures which have unique  character, designed for each setting. Although this is one of our specialities, our work is not limited to the design or placement of just play equipment. Our work always incorporates landscape elements and we believe strongly in the importance of natural materials, planting and sensory elements to enhance play experiences. Our observations of children at play have demonstrated the importance of the setting in which play equipment is placed, and how play can be enhanced by the combination of different design elements.

We also work with standard "off the shelf" play equipment components and products, customising their layout, creating safe and accessible outcomes which maximise the play value of these products.

Safety is integral to all of our work. We are well informed about the current Australian (and international) playground safety Standards and regulations and work hard to ensure our designs comply. We carefully consider the complex issues surrounding children's safety, and consider it vital to incorporate opportunities for children to safely develop their skills. In particular it is vital for playgrounds to offer graduated challenges, with options which allow them to develop their confidence.

Whether the project is:

a major regional playground or a tiny local park
the whole grounds of a school, or one small part of the play area
a kindergarten play space, or
a planning project looking at these facilities across a whole municipality
we approach the design in a thoughtful way which addresses the wide range of users' needs and incorporates a set of well thought out principles.
Our designs typically incorporate

a range of play experiences and activity types, including:
physical activities
opportunities for creativity and interaction
imaginative/role play
social inclusion
sensory appeal
a gradation of challenges suited for a range of age groups
a choice of settings which might range from man-made to natural and wild
opportunities for adults to participate fully, to assist and rescue, and to supervise in relative comfort.
Play is fundamental to the development of children. In an increasingly sedentary and time-managed world, play out of doors becomes even more important. We bring a thoughtful approach to the design of play settings and advocate the importance of play in every facet of children's lives.

Municipal Playground Planning Strategies
Many Councils have difficulty managing their playgrounds. We have developed a whole rationale for Municipal Playground Planning and provision, which aims to make sure that:

playgrounds are well distributed in relation to local residential areas
the playgrounds within each catchment offer a diverse range of pay opportunities
accessible playgrounds are well distributed across the municipality
the importance of the site is reflected in the quality and range of the play opportunities and amenities available.
local issues are taken into account
We have worked on such strategies in rural settings with small hamlets and townships, as well as in larger rural Municipalities, inner city Municipalities, and middle ring suburban Councils.

Our work enables Councils to resist ad hoc and politically motivated developments, to place resources where they are most needed, to plan for safey and access upgrades, and to recognise which existing playgrounds are worth upgrading and which are not.

Schools and Early Childhood Centres

What we do
Our work in school grounds includes both broad scale site planning and detailed design

We have worked on 'greenfields' sites developing plans for the whole grounds of new schools in conjunction with architects, engineers and planners.
MJLA often prepares landscape and play area master plans for existing schools which may have had new building works, and need the grounds to be reconfigured, or simply need a fresh approach to meet current needs.
Sometimes we assist our school clients by redesigning just a particular space which needs attention.
Following the master planning process, we prepare detailed designs and full documentation if required, for play areas, social spaces, courts, play equipment, entries and circulation, and any other elements within the school grounds.
MJLA staff have the skills to help schools make the best use of available spaces and budgets.

Our approach to the design of school grounds
School grounds need to be multi-purpose environments which must work well for students, staff and families; for teaching and learning, sport, outdoors play, social activities and gathering spaces, circulation, and interaction with the wider community.

We are strong advocates for the needs of children, and for the importance of play out of doors in schools. Schools need to offer a good range of choices in different types of spaces and activities, and we work hard to provide these.

We believe in the importance of maximising the accessibility of school grounds and play opportunities for children, staff and family members who have disabilities.

Play opportunities can, and should, include:

courts and ovals sufficient to accommodate the sporting needs of the school community and of children at play times
a good range of play equipment to provide a range of heights and challenges for each age group
settings for social interaction, such as seats and tables, gathering spaces, quiet/small-group areas, cubbies etc
imaginative/role play settings to stimulate the child's imagination beyond one fixed idea
smaller areas of grass which won't be dominated by big kids' ball games
sand and other materials for creative play
natural/wild spaces where children can learn and explore and interact with natural materials, and adapt spaces for their own games
sensory qualities designed into all of the grounds to make a place memorable and interesting
seamless access to all these choices.
MJLA takes a lot of care with site design avoid conflicts and safety problems (for example between running children and quiet play; between ball games and other users). Pedestrian circulation around the site needs to be seamless, efficient and convenient.

Design process
We tailor our work to meet the particular needs of each school, and their budget. This typically involves:

consultation with students, staff and parents
observations and analysis
brief reports
preparation of a master plan for the whole grounds, or a concept plan for just particular spaces (as required)
development of concept designs into full technical drawings and specifications to go to tender, if required
full contract administration during construction, if required.
Special Schools
We have prepared numerous plans for special school grounds and play spaces. We enjoy working with parents, staff and students with a wide range of physical, and intellectual and sensory disabilities.

All the issues which we address in special schools are identical to those listed in mainstream schools as described above, but the access issues require considerable and detailed attention. Our aim in these schools is to maximise the benefits that the outdoors can offer.

We aim to ensure that the outdoors play spaces can be used by children regardless of their disability; that the grounds offer:

a range of sensory qualities
a very wide range of physical play opportunities and activities so that students can find the right degree of challenge and interest to develop their skills;
opportunities for social interaction and chances to stimulate communication through play
settings which stimulate imaginative play and creativity
Sometimes staff need to use the grounds for therapy through play; for work on orientation and communication skills, on physical and sensory skills, and for other outdoors learning.

We aim to make sure that the grounds work at all levels as successful multi -functional spaces which children, staff and families will enjoy.

Early Childhood Centres
MJLA specialises in the design of outdoor play areas for pre-schools, kindergartens, early learning centres and child care centres. Our design work has a strong philosophical basis, aimed at meeting the developmental needs of children during this critical early childhood period.

No matter how small the space, MJLA will aim to maximise both variety and complexity in the grounds.

Our work varies from sketch designs, through to full concept designs, design development, documentation and administration, if required and depending upon budgets.

Open Space and Master Planning

Open space strategies
Our clients tap into our extensive networks and benefit from proven international open space methodologies and consultation techniques, refined over twenty years of practise.

Take advantage of our expertise:

We offer a seamless process. We take projects from the needs assessment stage, through all planning stages, including marketing and management issues, to implementation. We are able to synthesise critical issues with corporate needs to meet all objectives for best outcomes.
We are experienced. We can identify potential areas of conflict as well as opportunities for better co-operation between land managers (eg schools).
We are good communicators. We can convey complex planning issues to a broad audience as well as to agencies with strong technical expertise.

Master plans
Your facility master plan will impact on everyone - clubs, committees, community. We are happy to tackle the hard issues, engage the stakeholders and ensure consensus and commitment to the agreed outcomes.

Keeping an eye on resources:

We understand the need to plan - with an eye on resources. We can work with you towards long term outcomes that are practical, able to be implemented and in line with management and stakeholder needs.
We work to deadlines. We like to create an easy and productive working relationship in order to meet client timeframes.
We are experienced. We have undertaken master plans for schools, parks, play areas, centres, sports facilities regional reserves and a wide variety of other spaces and facilities, and a broad range of clients.

New subdivision design and development contributions

Preparing open space plans for new subdivisions is made easy when you engage @leisure who have been working on this task for more than twenty years. We can estimate the amount, location, function and quality of open space required for a new residential development.

@leisure is happy to negotiate the agreement with the developer and create a "win win" on open space and new facilities, ensure that the contribution meets community Council and commercial yield objectives and ensure that that resulting space doesn't just look good!

Sports and Leisure Facilities

Feasibility Studies
It's important to do your homework.
@leisure has undertaken feasibility studies about a range of community facilities - from neighbourhood houses, school facilities, arts, meeting, aquatics, tourism facilities and to international standard sports facilities. The provision of well-researched, detailed and prudent financial advice has been a feature of these studies.

@leisure understands how to assess demand, needs, costs, management, marketing and viability - and how to address the challenges.

The success of your project is important to us.
We are sport and leisure enthusiasts. We care about the successful implementation of major projects.

We prepare management and lifecycle cost plans, joint venture and management agreements, marketing and promotional strategies. We can ensure that the critical issues affecting viability are flagged to inform implementation.

We offer sound advice. We have the capability and the experience to provide you with practical advice about the viability of facilities, including priority actions, based on both economic and social considerations.

We work on existing and potential projects. We have conducted a large number of feasibility analyses for activities such as tennis and golf, skateboarding, BMX, gymnastics, ice sports, indoor court sports, fishing, lawn bowls, football cricket and hockey.

Sports development plans
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 30% of Australians participate in sport or physical activities organised by a club or association.

Do you know which sports are growing and which are not, and why? We can help you find out. We can help your sport set out a road map to success: a strategic plan for the business a plan to grow participation, develop and market programs, and devise what facilities are required, when.

We enjoy our sport, and we enjoy working with sports and community leaders to achieve increased participation.

We understand management and marketing issues. We devise and recommend good, practical, workable, short- and long-term strategies in plain English for our clients.

Sports master plans
Sporting facilities deliver a range of benefits to a community. In Victoria, even 50% of men enjoy social contact through sport and recreation. We can help you determine the best form and layout of facilities that maximise viability, reduce management cost, and meets your budget.

Do you need help to improve sports facilities?
We offer practical solutions. Our plans work well because our core business includes park and play area and sport facility master plans, designs and management planning.

Our experience counts. We have worked with government agencies, statutory planners, developers councils and clubs to meet both community and commercial objectives, and also to negotiate development contributions toward new facilities.

Physical activity studies
Walking and other social recreation activities are important to address current issues of obesity and poor health outcomes. We prepare participation strategies to facilitate such activity and motivate those who are currently not participating.

This work has focused on adolescents, older adults and the wider communities.

We also speak at seminars on such topics.

Tourism and culture studies
Town halls, performing arts centres and visitor attractions, feasibility and development planning as well as arts and cultural strategies are all undertaken by @leisure. Recent projects have also addresses the planning and design of tourism facilities for people with a disability.

Skate and BMX facilities

We offer a complete skate and BMX park consultation, planning, design and management service.

Have you read Victoria's Skate Facility Guide? We wrote it.

We know the factors that influence viability. We care whether a facility succeeds. That's why we engage young people in planning, design and management.

Our landscape design expertise means that the immediate surrounds of skate parks cope with high use and fit well into their environment.

We also undertake facility and risk management audits.

Our experience in Skate and BMX facility design projects includes strategic positioning, market research, strategic planning, feasibility, design, management, and risk assessments. We adopt a community development model to engage stakeholders in the process. We are able to take a project from an idea through all the consultation, planning, design, construction, and management stages. We can even organise the clinics and demos and ongoing maintenance inspections.

Leisure Needs & Market Research

Leisure needs studies and strategy plans
Your community's leisure needs are unique.

We understand diversity of need. Our experience includes assessing the leisure needs of many different communities, including those in central city, rural and regional locations, those with residents from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, affluent as well as socially disadvantaged communities, and adolescent, older adult and visitor populations.

We have in-depth knowledge to share with our clients. We have extensive data on leisure and recreation trends and participation rates from work conducted in several states over twenty years.

We are experienced. We have completed more than thirty leisure strategy and policy studies in the last five years alone.

Community consultation
Your community can either help or hinder you.

We believe community consultation is important. That is why we have administered thousands of surveys, conducted thousands of interviews, handled hundreds of public meetings and community forums, and facilitated hundreds of workshops, on behalf of our clients.

We understand the need to keep the community informed. We provide material for press releases, advertisements and community noticeboards, and we regularly organise public meetings and stakeholder workshops.

We bring the community along. We use a 'values management' approach in workshops to engage stakeholders and ensure outcomes are owned by all. We also facilitate workshops for councillors and senior staff for service plans, specific developments and projects.

Market research
If you need to know what people think, we can help.

We have the experience. @leisure has surveyed more than twenty thousand Australian households and eight thousand community organisations on their leisure preferences and needs.

We use sophisticated research techniques for demand assessment, gap analysis, options evaluation and sensitivity/risk analysis.

We take an interest in the result. Our long-term commitment to the profession means that we put in the time to carefully analyse and interpret all market research for our clients - and work to resolve unexpected issues.

Specific needs studies
Does your community have an emerging population, eg older adults, adolescents, mothers and babies?

We can help you respond in terms of leisure needs. We analyse demographic characteristics and trends, research potential opportunities and recommend practical strategies to address needs.

We identify potential partners to assist the cause. Our experience and knowledge means we can recommend funding sources and opportunities for developing partnerships with sporting, recreation, local clubs and commercial/ non-commercial organisations.

Service, business and strategic plans
In the leisure business you have to be viable - and you have to grow. We write service plans for organisations that need to decide the exact nature of their serve and how it should be delivered. @leisure write strategic and business plans for clubs and association and new facilities that are to be built. We have helped community sector organisations, sports peak bodies, clubs and councils to focus their activities toward a common goal with limited resources.

We can help with business and marketing plans. We've developed business and marketing plans for community and sports centres, golf courses, aquatic leisure centres, skate facilities and international cycling, rowing and equestrian facilities.

Access and Inclusion

We can determine the best way to make your facilities and services accessible and inclusive - and where you should start: strategies for including all people in activities like fishing and tourism or developing specialised facilities and retrofittIng existing facilities like playgrounds across the municipality.

We undertake training for staff in access and inclusion and have undertaken market research into the barriers people with a disability experience in using facilities.

We are Accredited Access Consultants with ACAA (Association of Consultants in Access, Australia).

We have direct, personal experience with people with disabilities and their service providers and the practical issues associated with participation.

Our firm has extensive experience in all forms of community consultation and research, and specifically about the needs of people with a disability.

We are professional recreation planners, landscape architects and playground specialists who maintain our position at the high quality end of this market through on-going research, up to date sources of information and constant review.

Accessible playground design
We specialise in the design of accessible playgrounds in public parks, children's centres, hospitals and schools and have designed a large number of accessible play areas in special schools.

We are informed by constant research and observations, consultation with user groups with disabilities, families, teachers and carers.

We aim to improve both physical access and social inclusion, and this has become an integral part of all our planning and design work.

We have won the following awards for accessible facilities:

Parks & Leisure Australia & Playgrounds & Recreation Association of Victoria Play Space Design Award (Accessibility Category) - Bayswater Park 2003
Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Award - Carlton Gardens Playground (in conjunction with Taylor and Cullity Pty Ltd).
National LGA Award - MJLA Hays Paddock Concept


Jeavons & Jeavons hosts an ongoing series of seminars to contribute to the general level of understanding on topical issues in our professional fields

We offer this service in order to explore particular topics in detail, to stimulate discussion and networking, and as a form of advocacy on particular issues.

Seminars run to date include the following:

The Dirt on Jumps (Nov)
Download PDF for program

Investigating the provision of, and the risk issues associated with BMX dirt jumps and skate parks.

Download some of the available presentations
Case Study: HG Graham Reserve
Case Study: HG Graham Reserve
By Bill Kontoulis and Tony Hallam, Hobsons Bay City Council
Legal and Insurance
Legal and Insurance
By Michael Beasley and David Freeman, Civic Mutual Plus
BMX Facilities:
BMX Facilities:
BMX Facilities: Site Selection, Design and Management
By Sally Jeavons, Director, @leisure
Case Study:
Case Study:
Tulip Street, Reserve Rd BMX Facility
By Geoff Barden, City of Bayside
Ramping Up for the Future
Ramping Up for the Future
Ramping Up for the Future
By Peter Robbins, Director, Australian Ramp Design/ Monster Skate Park
On the Money (December)
(Download PDF for program)
Strategies, inspirations and cold hard facts regarding fundraising, sponsorships, grant applications when developing major playgrounds, skateparks and other community facilities.
Raining Cats 'n' Dogs (May)
(Download PDF for program)
Trends in demand for dogs and cats and sharing open space with them
Download Some of the Available Presentations:

Domestic Animal Management Legislation & The Implications For Open Space Planning
By Cathy Pawsey, Bureau of Animal Welfare

Dog Off Leash Areas: How Many, What & Where
By Sally Jeavons, @leisure

Managing Conflicts:

Dogs & Playgrounds
By Mary Jeavons, Mary Jeavons Landscape Architects

Dogs And Waterways
By James Brincat, Parks Victoria

Dogs And Trail Users
By Stuart Hughes, Parks Victoria

CASE STUDY: Port Phillip City Council
By Steve Cooper

CASE STUDY: Maroondah City Council
By Cormac McCarthy
After the Party - Steven Perumal
After the Party Presentation
After the Party - Steven Perumal
Replay (July)
(Download PDF for program)
Redesigning and retrofitting playgrounds for access and inclusion of people with a disability
Pipe Dreams (May)
(Download PDF for program)
Managing skate parks
Making Space (March)
(Download PDF for program)
A workshop about open space contributions in developing communities
Surface Tension in Play (December)
(Download PDF for program)
Part 1: Materials for structures/ furniture in parks
Part 2: Ground surfaces for play in parks, playgrounds & schools
Surface Tension in Sport (November)
(Download PDF for program)
Part 1: Issues relation to turf grass
Part 2: Issues relating to synthetic surfaces
Creating a Level Playing Field (November)
(Download PDF for program)
Download PDF for program)
Planning and design of outdoor spaces in schools to include children with a disability
Grounds for Play (November)
(Download PDF for program)
Planning & design of outdoor spaces in schools
Wild & Wet (May)
(Download PDF for program)
Water ways in housing developments, planning, design & risk management
Cool and Dirty (November)
(Download PDF for program)
Planning & design for BMX
Kids in Space (June)
(Download PDF for program)
Designing parks playgrounds & leisure settings to include children with a disability (Sydney and Melbourne)
Kids in Local Space (March)
(Download PDF for program)
Best Laid Plans-Planning parks the way people want them, where they'll use them & a whole lot more.
Outer Space (October)
(Download PDF for program)
A better balance between public & private, quality & quantity
Safe But Cool-Skate (May)
(Download PDF for program)
Risk management: play & skate facilities